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How We Create The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

Hello again! I’m Laura with Laura Christine Photography. Today I’m sharing exactly how we help our clients create the perfect wedding day timeline! 

When We Start Working On Your Wedding Day Timeline

Creating your wedding day timeline is a pivotal step to making sure you have a stress free day. Give yourself plenty of time to work with your coordinator or photography team on this.

For our clients, we reach out 3-4 months before the wedding to see if they’re working with a coordinator to create their timeline, or if they’d like us to create one for them. 

Creating A First Draft

If we create a timeline, we’ll send some questions for our clients to answer that will help us create a first draft. We’ll ask about each part of the day, determine the best time for all formal portraits, consider if there are travel times between locations, confirm when/how long your vendors need to complete their services, and determine what special events will be included during the reception. If you’re planning on creating your own timeline, mentally walk through each part of the day with a fine tooth comb and break it down as needed. Don’t forget to include time for set up and cleanup of your venue if you’re responsible for that! 

Reviewing, Approving, and Sharing Your Wedding Day Timeline

Once we create a first draft, we’ll email it with some notes and things to consider. We can always schedule a phone call to discuss any details if needed! When you’re happy with the timeline, we’ll consider it official and make sure your other vendors have a copy at least a couple of weeks before the big day! We always suggest sharing it with your vendors early in case any adjustments need to be made.

That’s all there is to it! If you're starting your wedding planning journey and want our rockstar team to guide you through it and capture amazing photos of your day, please contact us!

Be sure to check back for more helpful wedding photography tips. Again, I’m Laura with Laura Christine Photography, and until next time..😘



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