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Tips For Having An Amazing Engagement Session!

Your engagement session is the first part of your experience after booking us for your wedding! It’s the perfect “practice run” before the big day, and allows you to get used to working with me and my team. Keep reading to learn our tips for an amazing engagement session!

Planning The Engagement Session

We’ll start planning your session within 1-2 months after you book. First, We’ll help you choose the perfect location! You can choose to shoot somewhere that matches the vibe your wedding will have, or just choose a place thats meaningful or that you both love! We have plenty of suggestions! Once the location is decided on, we’ll choose a date and time.


Before your session, we’ll send you a guide and some example photos for you to get some outfit and posing inspiration.

What To Wear

When deciding what to wear, Consider if you'd like your photos to have a casual or formal look, and go from there! Make sure you’re wearing something you can move in, and bring a comfortable pair of shoes (if you’re not already wearing some) in case we do a lot of walking.


Keep in mind that mixing a lot of different patterns can be hard on the eyes. Neutral colors are a safe bet. Also, avoid clothing with tiny polka dots, stripes, or large text printed on it.


Lastly, keep the weather in mind and dress accordingly. We bring a fan, towels, and waters when it’s hot, and a blanket when it’s cold! If it gets too rainy, we'll work together to find a new date for the session.


Feel free to text us pictures of any outfit options you're considering! We’re happy to help you choose.

Fun Ideas

You can totally bring a prop or two if there's something that's special to you. This could be items like a game or hobby item, your favorite food/drink for a mini picnic, or a bottle of champagne to pop!

What To Expect During Your Session

During your session, We love to have a good time with our clients, so know that we’re going on an adventure! We’ll shoot for about an hour, and w’ell guide you through a combination of easy poses and prompts that create candid moments. There will be lots of laughing, and zero “what do I do with my hands?” moments.

Once we shoot the session, we’ll deliver your edited photos within 3 weeks! 

I hope that information helps you to feel excited and prepared for your engagement session. You can view our most recent work on Facebook or Instagram. If you haven’t booked a wedding photographer yet, contact us today! We can start planning your engagement session next!



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