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Top 10 Winter Photo Session Ideas

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Being a photographer in Kentucky has its perks. One of which being that we tend to experience all of the seasons to the fullest. Winters here are known for showing off, sometimes to extremes (3 year old me barely seeing above the snow in 1994…the ice storm in 2009 that turned our state into the Arctic). It definitely doesn’t disappoint.

So, while it might be down right FRIGID outside, that doesn’t mean we can’t bundle up and capture some magic! I’ve listed my favorite winter photo session ideas below.

1. A bundled up walk though the city - There’s something about walking through the chilly city streets, all bundled and snuggled up, with a coffee in hand. This type of session can be a lot of fun, and a little more elegant if that’s the vibe you're going for.

2. Evergreen tree farm - This years Christmas card is about to be the talk of the family. Being surrounded by evergreens gives the ultimate holiday feels!

3. Ice skating - Adding a little risk just makes it SPICIER….and a lot more fun! This idea is sure to provide some big smiles and a little movement to the photos.

4. A clearing in the forest - Frolic through the fields and trees. Run and play and snuggle. You could even throw in a game of tag! For a less active approach, you could get cozy wrapped in a big blanket.

5. Covered wooden bridge - Get snuggled up under a covered wooden bridge. This location can add some warmth to an otherwise cool scenery.

6. Pets in the snow - I mean… is there anything better? Plus, pets bring a whole new dynamic to the session! Get some cute posed shots with the family, as well as some more playful and active ones.

7. Snowball fight - This is sure to be an action packed session, just try to avoid the face!

8. Hot cocoa and a bonfire - Grab something warm to drink and gather around a fire! Why not throw some s’mores in the mix?

9. Sledding - You can use the sled as a prop in posed photos, then get some action shots sledding down the hill!

10. Make snow angels - A winter classic! Save this one for last, you’ll likely get all wet from laying in the snow.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, get out there and capture some winter fun!!

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