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Top 3 Tips For Capturing Candid Photos

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Let’s talk about candid photos! 📸

So many people tell me they prefer that style of photography, and that they desperately want more genuine, un-posed photos of themselves and their family to display in their homes.

Since it’s such a common topic, I thought I’d share my top 3 tips for capturing candid photos!

These tips can be used whether you’re taking your own photos, or if you’ve got a professional session scheduled. Let’s get into them!

1. Always Be Moving

The more you’re moving, the less posed you’re going to look. Some fun ideas to try are:

- Holding hands while walking or running together

- Playing tag and taking turns “catching” each other

- Giving each other piggyback rides

2. Keep Eye Contact With Each Other - Not With The Camera

I know that might seem counter intuitive when you’re taking photos of yourself or your family. However, the more that you’re looking at each other, the more engaged you’ll be with each other, and the more genuine emotions you’re going to capture. You can also be looking at whatever activity you might be participating in. As long as you aren’t looking at the camera in every photo, you’ll capture plenty of candid moments.

3. Use A Prop

The key to the prop is that it keeps you engaged in an activity, and not with looking at the camera. The more you’re focused on the prop/activity and each other, the more candid photos you’ll get. Some good examples of props to try are: - A hobby item, like a skateboard or sports ball - Your favorite game to play together - Your favorite food (have a picnic!) - Invite your pet to join

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