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So What Actually Happens After Your Photo Session or Wedding Day? - A Peek At My Editing Process

So what actually happens after we capture your photos? 📸 short..LOTS happens. Here's the order of operations I work through:

1. Backup - First and most importantly, as soon as I get home from taking photos, I backup everything in 3 places! My laptop, my external hard drive, and the cloud. I also don't format/erase photos from my SD cards until your gallery has been delivered!

2. Cull - I go through each and every photo I snapped and choose all the keepers! The only photos I don't deliver are almost exact duplicates, blurred/out of focus shots, or photos where my clients don't look their best (blinking/weird faces or posture/etc).

3. Apply initial edits - I start out by editing exposure/colors/tone/cropping/overall look of the photos.

4. Touch ups - I go through and remove blemishes and weird things from the background of the photos.

5. Final Review - I go through all of the photos at least a couple of times to make sure everything looks perfect!

6. Delivery - I deliver all of the photos in an online gallery for clients to download and order professional albums, canvases, and other wall art!

I hope that helps gives you an idea of all the behind the scenes things that happen after we have a blast capturing your photos! I do plan on sharing more of these videos in the near future, and I have a TON of fun stuff planned for this year! So be sure to follow along on my social media pages to stay up to date with everything.

If you're considering booking a photo session or wedding day with me, click the button below to reach out today! I'd love to hear from you!



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